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Venture for Creation™ Online
Our Venture for Creation™ online program provides participants with an intensive, “applied” course focusing on the creation, evaluation, development, and launch readiness of a new business or social venture. For each new venture, key issues are addressed in a fashion highly consistent with other formal venture planning processes including: business model development, customer discovery, product-market validation, in-depth industry and market analysis, product or service innovation, brand development and go-to-market strategies, team selection & management, profit models, financing, and legal considerations. Throughout the class, students refine their venture’s hypothesized business model based on instructor, peer, customer, and local investor feedback.

Who Should Attend?
This is an open-enrollment program designed for individuals interested in creating and launching a new business or non-profit venture. Participants enter the course with preliminary venture ideas that they would like to work on during the program and then work in teams on a selected venture.

Program Benefits
At the highest level, you will come away with clear answers to the following questions:
• What are the issues, tensions, and relationships faced by entrepreneurs as they build a new venture?
• What are common enablers and barriers to venture creation?
• How to develop a business model to test your assumptions about product offerings and market demand?
• How do you assess the current market and position your product offerings for competitive advantage?
• What is the most agile way to develop new product and services that will gain market traction quickly?
• What are current approaches for cost effective customer acquisition and retention?
• How to build credible financials based on reasonable, benchmarked assumptions?
• What metrics are critical to measure and monitor new venture success?
• How to build the right team and culture for successful launch and early stage growth?

Program Content
The program uses a proprietary sequence of modules and tools to support the development of your new venture. You will learn how to use a business model to brainstorm and design each part of your venture, from customer discovery to launch preparedness. Specific skill development and issues covered include:
• Opportunity Identification- Articulating the problem to be solved and the potential benefit to the customer
• Business Model Development- Turning your new venture idea into a business model
• Customer Discovery- Testing your assumptions about the alignment between your product offering and targeted customers
• Value Proposition- Synthesizing the unique benefits of new offerings and positioning against the competition in the marketplace
• Market Attractiveness- Determining how big your new markets and customer segments are and how to enter successfully
• Early Product Development- building minimal viable products to test customer acceptance
• Key Partners- Understanding your industry ecosystem to facilitate important relationships
• Profit Models- Identifying revenue sources while minimizing cost factors
• Start-Up Metrics- identifying critical indicators for benchmarking, measurement, & monitoring
• Team Leadership- Selecting team members with the right mix of knowledge and skills

Value Created for You
Pre-class assignments are designed to inform faculty about your preliminary new venture concepts so the class can be best structured to support your efforts throughout the program. Postclass sessions and mentoring can be arranged on individual or group basis.

Faculty Leaders
Top faculty leaders who are experienced,accomplished entrepreneurs and senior executives in their own right teach this program. Each brings to the classroom extensive experience and knowledge for achieving practical results. Please visit our website to view their vitae.

Our online courses provide the same content and instructor feedback opportunities as those held in physical locations. Venture for All® programs are held locally across many emerging markets including India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and several African countries. Additionally, there are programs hosted on the Columbia University Campus in New York City.

Online program fees include tuition and materials. Participants that successfully complete the program receive a CBS Venture for All® Program Certificate of Participation and LOR from the director of Columbia Business School.

Online courses are delivered via the web-based learning system CANVAS. Participants would need to complete their assignments within a scheduled time frame, but you have the option of getting a head start on readings and lectures. Generally, you interact with the instructor and other students by e-mail, and/or video conference.

For more information on participating in one of Venture for All® programs, program schedules for on-campus, international, and online offerings, hosting a Venture for All® program in your country or region, or becoming a regional representative, contact Dr. Jack McGourty, Director of Community & Global Entrepreneurship and Founder of Venture for All® at Columbia Business School.Email:

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