High School Courses


Delhi : 4th – 8th June, 2018
Philippines : 11th–16th June, 2018
Mumbai : 16th – 30th June, 2018
Jakarta : 9th – 13th July, 2018



Journalism kick starter project started with the name of “The Young Post” backed by Kerrin O’Connor, Chief Executive, The Week.

Science project started with the name of ‘i-cube Science Club Company” by Lakshya Kaura which caters to 41 underserved private schools, 49 primary and 26 middle government schools and also organizes teacher training workshops.

“JAI JAN” created in August 2013 by Bani Kohli, helps feed the underprivileged children of the streets in Delhi through partnerships with restaurants who provide their unutilized food at the end of the day.



Module 1: Business Opportunity
Introduction to New Venture Creation Process
Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
Opportunity Identification & Evaluation Business Model Development
Customer Discovery Process
Product Market Fit

Module 2: Strategy and Viability
Market Attractiveness
Industry & Market Analysis
Competitive Landscape & Strategic Advantage

Module 3: Innovation, Branding and Digital Marketing
Product Development/Minimal Viable Product
Marketing & Sales Strategy Branding
Pricing Strategies and Tactics

Module 4: Leadership and Finance
Leadership & Team Management
Key Resources & Partnerships
Social Responsibility & Ethics Profit Models
Revenues & Costs

Module 5: Execution and Presentation to Investors
Financial Analysis & Cash Management

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